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I went into the store on Friday, July 29th at 6:45 after filling up my car, as I do I every week, to purchase a carton of cigarettes. When I handed the clerk my manufacturer's coupon for the cigarettes he threw it back at me and said, "No!

Enter your PIN!". I can understand if they do not accept coupons, but I do not find it acceptable to be disrespecful to your customers. The clerk is overhead and I am income. I will not be going to any Chevron Stations again.

Prior to today my spouse and I both filled up there weekly. The average cost to fill each car is $60. Additionally, I buy a carton of cigarettes there weely at a cost of $50 before tax.

The annual fuel revenue they are losing because of this incident is approximately $6,240 and grocery revenue of $2,600 for a grand total of $8,840. The Better Business Bureau has a grade of "F" for this station for someone else's complaint and the are not eligible for accreditation.

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Handi plus #50 6951 fm 1960 w.. Omg told me I couldn't sit at the table they have in the store as I started to fill out my lottery slip..

I told him Iam omly filling out my lottery slip and then told me to can fill it out over at the lottery station where there is no table.. As. Veteran your telling me I can't sit and fill this out .. Outrages I didn't waste no time raising my voice and disgust..

I think I was the wrong color and he thought I was going to rub him or something.. As a army mp why would I even think of such a thing.. These foreigns think black people are there to rob them but will take our money in a quick minute..

Well no more. I'll take my business to walmart and murphys from now on..

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